Date Night: Jan Jan Kushikatsu


What’s good?  Date Night - JanJanKushikatsu means fried skewers in Japanese and they do it damn well here!
The batter is super light and it doesn’t come out too greasy.  There is a wide selection of what you can have fried from your meats and seafood to more exotic and exciting things like yam, lotus roots, curry rice and asparagus.

If you don’t fancy all fried foods, they also offer a selection of grilled items in the Presentation2traditional yakitori style, plus a good range of appetizers, noodles and grilled rice balls.

Down all these yummy skewer items with a bottle of sake or some cold beer – what can be better?

Must haves For the fried items, I loved the fried lotus roots, sweet potatoes and the kiss fish!! Perfect marriage between the light batter and softness of the kiss fish; and the crunchiness of the root vegetables.  The curry rice fried skewer was a surprise – a very good yummy surprise indeed!

For non-fried items, we tried the Dashimaki Tamago (omelet) – it was so soft, silky and juicy – heaven!  The Crispy Chicken Wings were a delight with a slight sweetness to the marinade.  Lastly, the unassuming grilled yam was cooked to perfection – yum yum yum!

What’s not?   It can get a bit busy and crowded in this small 40 seat restaurant.  They also have 2 alcoves with a Japanese sunken table that seats around 8 people – they call these “private rooms” and have a minimum charge of $3000.  Don’t get fooled, you may be sitting in a corner, but there is no privacy to this “room”.

Tidbits  The fried skewers are their specialty but it can get a little heavy after a few – make sure you order a few other non-fried items to balance things out!

Date Night Worthy?   Definitely!!  It’s not for a super romantic date night but it’s casual, it’s fun, it’s different.  Well worth sneaking out for a couple of hours after the babies have gone to bed to enjoy some down time with some great food & sake.


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