Part 2: When I grow up, I want to be…..

Following my earlier post about what Joshie wanted to be when he grew up….

……our dinosaur obsession has not waned – not at all.   I did not expect it to.  Joshie is a little boy, and little boys, for whatever reason, love their dinosaurs to the point where they want to be one when they grow up!

So with all this talk about being a dinosaur when he grew up, I thought maybe it was time for Joshie to give some thought to the practicalities of living life as a 26 metres long / 40 tons Brachiosaurus.

The other afternoon, when we were again talking about Joshie being a Brachiosaurus later in his life, I reminded him:

“Joshie, Brachiosaurus lived in the Jurassic period – we are no longer in the Jurassic time period!”

“Oh I know!”

“There are no other dinosaurs around  now, they are all extinct.   When you grow up as a big big Brachiosaurus, how are you going to fit into you bed when you go to sleep?  And how can you ride in the car or on the bus in your very big size?  How are you going to give Mommy kisses when you are so huge?”

“Mommy, then I will just take it off!”  Joshie answered immediately without even thinking.

“Take it off?  Take what off?”  I was a bit confused, not sure if he understood my questions.

“Take off my costume!”  replied Joshie matter of factly, as if it was crazy I never even thought of that.

Okay, so I was wrong!  He HAS given it some thought, and probably has from the very beginning!   It was only me, the Silly Mommy, who didn’t know that the answer was that simple!!

Oh how I love the mind of my little man!



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