Super Silly Happenings


As we enter the New Year, my little ones have already filled our days and weeks with many silly happenings!!  Here are some of the super ones I love so far!

Mistaken words

Jayden and I were playing dinosaurs and we were sorting out which dinosaurs were the aggressive meat eaters that would get into fights with other dinosaurs.

So see, those are the dinosaurs that are carnivores….”  I pointed out.

Jayden then turned to me and replied:  “No Mommy, dinosaurs don’t go to the carnival!!!  Only people do!!

Having corrected me while emphasizing very strongly the word “people”, Jayden then turned back to his dinosaurs, muttering:  “Silly mommy!


Get it right, Mommy!

As I was leaving for work one morning, I called out from the front door of our apartment: “Bye guys, see you tonight!

Joshua rushed out towards me and said:  “Mommy, Jayden is not here, he’s already at school.  I’m the only one here.  You don’t say “Guys” – you just say “Bye, Joshua!

Stunned, with no come back (I hadn’t drank any coffee yet!), I could only simply reply:

Bye Joshua!

As I closed the front door, I heard Joshie running back to his room saying:  “Right!  Bye Mommy, have a great day in the office!



Recently, I was lamenting that my once super chubby baby has now grown into a long lanky 4-year-old boy – all the baby fat has finally left Joshua…..

I looked at Joshua with sad puppy eyes and touched his cheeks saying:  “Joshie, I think we need more fat fat on your cheeks, so you can be extra cute cute!

Joshie replied in a nonchalant matter:  “No need Mommy – I am already cute!

Ahh….what do you say to that!?


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