Ring Ring! Vroom Vroom!

Ring! Ring!

While playing pretend the other day, Joshie wanted to call his friend and invite him for a playdate.

“I don’t have a phone Mommy!”  Joshie exclaimed.

“Well, why don’t you make a phone with your hands – fold your 3 fingers in, then your thumb and pinky can be like a phone – see like this!”  I showed him how to manipulate his fingers so his hand mimicked an old fashioned phone receiver.

“Then, you can put your phone to your ear and call your friend!”

“Oh, this is a phone Mommy?”  Joshie looked to his “phone” hand and fingers with a perplexed and confused look.

“But you can’t press and there is no YouTube on this phone!?!”  Joshie exclaimed as if this was an impossible fact!

“Hahahaha, no darling, this phone is only for making calls!”

Then having thought about it, I realized that our children these days have never seen an old fashioned phone with a receiver and dial buttons!  Our home phone is like an old Nokia handheld, and the others are our smartphones with touchscreen and applications!

No wonder he was completely baffled and puzzled with his pretend “phone receiver”!


Vroom Vroom!

On our way to lunch last weekend, we had parked our car in an apartment block car park which housed family vehicles as well as luxury cars.

The boys were looking into the windows of the other cars parked and making comments.

“This car has car-seats!”  approved our little Jayden on the family Toyota Corolla parked nearby.

“And this one also – it has 2 car-seats!”  an impressed Joshie excitedly cried out over the ever popular family car, the Nissan Serena.

Then the boys walked past a shiny red near-new Ferrari and peered inside.  They didn’t comment how cool the car looked, how shiny its red coat was or how sleek its design.

Instead, they looked at each other, their eyebrows turned in and said with disapproval:

“Oh, this car doesn’t even have car-seats!!”

“It won’t fit!” observed the ever practical Jayden.

– then the boys walked away, dismissed the Ferrari without another look.

How fascinating and amusing the things that are important to little kids!!

Photo courtesy of vroom-comic.com

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