Being Schooled

During last weekend’s glorious weather, we took the boys to Ocean Park*.

Insider the Ocean Aquarium, I tested to see if the boys remembered the lesson I taught them months ago:

“What did Mommy teach you about fish swimming sideways and lying flat down?”

“The fishes are dying….” exclaimed the boys.

“Yes, that’s right….”  I was impressed with their memory as we had this lesson months ago when we were at the supermarket and they asked why some of the live fish in the tank were not doing so well….

Then Joshua cut right in and said:  “Yes and then after they die, we can eat them!!!”

Flabbergasted but not surprised the boys are thinking of food and eating (again!), we continued on.  A bit later, a school of large tropical fish came swimming around in front of us.

I explained, “see boys, when a group of fish of the same type swims together, that group is called a “School of Fish”.   Over there, do you see that school of fish swimming away?!”

Joshie chanted and waved:  “Bye bye fish!!!  Have fun at school!!!”

Jayden then corrected and a little confused:  “No, no?!  They are not at school, they are in the sea!”

Not dampened by Jayden’s reality check, Joshie thought further and asked:  “And Mommy, where is the “teacher” school of fish? What do they teach?”

Whilst rendered speechless a little, Jayden called out:  “Look Mr Ray-ray-ray!!!”

Phew, today’s tough questions – saved by a Sting Ray!

*Ocean Park is an animal theme and amusement park famous for housing many marine and polar animals; exotic birds and Asian animals.  It is located close to our home in Hong Kong where we visit often on our annual pass.


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