Family Memento

Since Joshua was born, we have invited professional photographers to do family photo shoots for us.  It started as a photo journey of the boys’ specific developmental milestones:  Jayden at 10 days old; Joshua when he just started weaning, and then running; Jayden when he went from crawling to cruising upright.  And now, on an annual basis, to document how much the boys have grown up over time.

These photos have also become great mementos, where we can look back and remember what the boys were like when they were much younger.  To top it off, the photos framed highlight on our walls and they make wonderful photo books to grandparents and family members.

This year, on a scorching humid August day, our trusted and highly talented Jenna Hobson of Lucky Fish Photography went out with us to the Repulse Bay Hotel for our annual photo shoot.

This location is particularly special for us and even more so this year as Jeff and I celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary!

Check out some of our favorite pics!


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