Growing up too fast!

My babies are no longer babies!!!  It moves me to tears (both happy and sad) that they have grown up so much and so fast!!

I think that the boys know how melancholy we as parents can get when thinking about how quickly they grow up.   This is evident by the fact that I can get teary eyes with just the thought that Joshua will leave home in 14 years time, and Jayden in 16 years time, to go abroad for university!   Those years will go by in such a flasth!

What our boys ALSO know is just how to use their parents’ apparent “weakness” to their own advantage!


One afternoon, whilst my husband, Jeff, was working from home in our master bedroom, Joshua knocked on the door and declared:

“But Daddy, you’ve been working ALL DAY!  It’s taking a LONG TIME.  When will you come out and play with us?”

Jeff replied through the closed door:  “Daddy is working – for the whole day – I’ll come out as soon as I’m done.”

In a deflated and disappointed voice – totally ramping up the guilt trip factor – Joshua went for it:

“Ok Daddy….But when you are finish with work, I will be 20 years old!!   And then, I will not play with you anymore!!”  

The guilt trip worked magic!  What Jeff thought was another 30 mins or so of work for the day, he wrapped it up in less than 15 minutes.  Then, without losing another minute, he went out of the room in search of the boys to start their playtime together!

So, it’s not just me, the Silly Mommy, that gets played – Daddy is none the wiser!

Author: yousillymommy

Mommy blogger. Writer. Avid Traveler with children in tow. Lover of great foods, wines & adventures.

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