Jayden’s World: Where do we live?

A few evenings ago, after dinner, we were enjoying a family viewing of “AFRICA”, a BBC Documentary by Sir David Attenborough.  This documentary has been on repeat in our DVD machine for a while as the boys love seeing the wild animals behaving in their natural habitat and have such a close association with animals in general – the meerkats being tricked by a Drongo bird;  Giraffes neck “boxing” each other for territory and the struggle of a the dung beetle moving her dung under the Sahara sun.

In the midst of an episode, Jayden turned to me – in a tone full of understanding – and said:  “The animals live in A..fri…ca, Mommy!”  He carefully enunciated the word “Africa” to make sure I understood what he meant.

“Yes darling, they do live in Africa.”  I replied.

“And where do you live Jayden?  Which city do you live in?”  I further asked, half wondering whether he knew and half testing his knowledge.

Jayden gave it some thought, then replied:  “I live in………Ocean Park*!”

Surprised, I immediately responded:  “Wow, you live in Ocean Park!!!  Who else lives there with you?”

“With Mommy, Daddy, Joshie…..and also the penguins, the seals and the toucan!” Jayden replied without hesitation.

“Oh okay……of course we do!!”

Phew!! What a close shave!! At least we don’t live in the Shark Pavilion or the African savanna with a pride of lions!!

*Ocean Park is an animal theme and amusement park famous for housing many marine and polar animals; exotic birds and Asian animals.  It is located close to our home in Hong Kong where we visit often on our annual pass.

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