Father’s Day: What does it really mean?

The idea of having a day dedicated to celebrating, thanking and remembering all that a father (or father figure) has done for his family is a noble and honorable one.  In our busy lives, we really do not demonstrate or voice out our love, appreciation and respect to those we love sufficiently and frequently enough.

Having said that, these days, Father’s Day (like Mother’s Day) has been hijacked into an over-hyped commercial ploy guilting children, parents and the like to depart with their cash in exchange for a material gift that the recipient father (or father figure) may or may not want or need.

These commercial schemes have put so many people off, and have lend itself to many exclaiming that: “Oh, I don’t believe in Father’s Day (or Mother’s Day)!  It’s a scam! We don’t do anything anymore!”

What a shame that the ideology behind Father’s Day has nowadays come to this!!  I do believe that we should be celebrating and doing something on Father’s Day – just not as a “day of consumerism”, but as a “day of reminder & retrospect”.

I want to teach my boys this, and I want to be the one teaching them this and not leave it to the devices of others (e.g. teachers at school).

I want them to learn that Father’s Day shouldn’t be a day where we give in to corporates wanting us to have an excuse to buy something for our dads (or father figures).  Instead, to take the time to focus on the true meaning of this day – a day specifically carved out as a reminder to reflect and openly express our love and gratitude, as well as to spend quality family time together.

A few nights ago, I sat down with my boys to talk to them about the true meaning of Father’s Day and why there is such a day.  We talked about:

  • What they love most about Daddy
  • What they want to thank Daddy about
  • What Daddy has done for them
  • What little something they want to give back to their Daddy as a token of gratitude

They were more than happy and eager to participate and give their ideas and thoughts. The boys decided that they wanted to do some painting for Daddy as an act of appreciation, and to make Daddy feel extra special on Father’s Day.  We then put their responses together at the back of the paintings so Daddy knows very clearly how they feel.

We had great fun doing this, and from their lit up eyes, full face grins and eagerness with the paintbrush (maybe a bit too eager at times!), I can really see that this was meaningful to them.

Having a day like Father’s Day is important.

It is important to teach the boys that we should not lose sight of the real meaning of things, especially in the sea of commercialism in which we live in.

It is important to teach the boys that it is the thoughts and efforts that one put into thinking about the relevance of this day, and acting it out accordingly, that truly counts.  It comes from the depth of the heart (not from the pocket).

Lastly, it is important because it is an opportunity to remind the boys, even at their young age, that we should not take anything or anyone for granted; and that the love, appreciation, respect they have for their Daddy should be shown in various different forms not just on Father’s Day, but EVERYDAY.

To all daddies out there, Happy Father’s Day!!


Author: yousillymommy

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