Dishing out his own lesson

At a recent school function, I was talking with one of the mommies in Joshie’s class.  She told me that a few days prior, her son, J, came home from school and confessed that he had a fight with his school friend, B.  The fight apparently got physical (as much as four year olds can) and went on for a while in the playground.

This mommy asked her son how the fight ended.  Little J explained that it was Joshie who stopped the fight between him and B.

I raised my eyebrows with a questioning look.  The mommy continued, telling me that she was also curious, and asked Little J, “what happened?”

Little J replied that Joshie saw them fighting, walked up to the two of them, told them to stop fighting, emphasizing because they were friends, then ordered them to say sorry and give each other a hug.  Little J and B did as they were told by Joshie, and there ended the playground fight between the two boys.

The mommy finished telling me the story and was extremely amused.  I was laughing too but didn’t know actually what else to say.   This was because this scenario played out at home just a few days before – however, the difference was that Joshie had played a somewhat different and opposite role at that time together with Jayden…..

Now my boy is dishing out those lessons we taught him on the playground!! Oh boy!



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