Pretend Mommy

Taking pretend play to another level….

The other afternoon, Daddy and Joshie were heading quietly to the kitchen and getting a lollipop as a treat.  I had unexpectedly crashed on the couch in an exhausted state.

“Shush, be quiet Joshie, don’t tell Mommy okay?” 

Daddy starts unwrapping the lollipop, and Joshie was very excited, jumping up and down.

Daddy warned, “Shush Joshie, be quiet and don’t tell Mommy!”

“But I wanna tell Mommy!”  replied the hyped up Joshie.

“If you are going to tell Mommy, I’m going to go and take the lollipop with me!”

“Oh don’t go Daddy!! I was going to just tell my “pretend” Mommy!!”  Joshie replied rolling his eyes.


Author: yousillymommy

Mommy blogger. Writer. Avid Traveler with children in tow. Lover of great foods, wines & adventures.

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