Defeated by my kids

Vending Machine Incident:
One Sunday afternoon, we were hanging around the City Hall area which had some open space for the boys to run around. We noticed to the side, was the City Gallery and went in to take a look (maybe more to take advantage of free air-con to cool down). It’s a public gallery with a small exhibition space carrying some displays showing the architectural plans for the Central waterfront space.

Upon entry, the boys spotted the vending machine to the right of the front door right away!

“Daddy, can we please have a drink?”
“No, not at the moment.” Came the reply.
While we were looking at the exhibits, the boys followed us around (actually, more jumping, hopping, running around us, that is).  But when we were ready to head off, Jeff and I noticed that they were not close by.  They had in fact parked themselves in front of the vending machine waiting for us.
“Daddy, can we please buy a drink?”
“Ok, but we are only going to buy one drink so you guys need to decide on the one drink together.  Joshie, what do you want?”
“The apple juice!”
Jayden pointed at the Aquarius drink in the vending machine.
“Well, you guys need to agree!”
Joshie thought for a little while, and then turned to Jayden.
“Jayden, what about we drink apple juice today; then drink your drink tomorrow?”
“No!” Jayden answered
Then I butted in, “Oh, no agreement no drink!”
Joshie tried again:  “Jayden, what about we your drink now and apple juice tomorrow?”
“Ok!” Jayden replied happily.
Now that the boys have agreed on the apple juice, Jeff took out his octopus card to make the purchase.  I was beaming inside, so proud that the boys were able to negotiate a deal so well.  As the tiny lights lit up on the machine panel, Jeff motioned for Joshie to press the button for the Aquarius drink.  In a lightning flash (before we even had time to react!), Joshie’s little finger moved away and quickly pressed for the apple juice instead!!!
Joshie picked up the drink with the most triumphant grin! Jayden on the other hand gave Jeff a blank “what just happened” look and cried, “where’s my drink, Daddy?”.  Daddy, of course, beeped his card again to pay for the agreed drink.
At the same time, I’ve started laughing uncontrollably, hiding behind a nearby column choking, laughing and in tears!  Jeff held a strict look but his eyes were dancing, itching to laugh out loud.  I choked out from behind the column: “we have so been defeated and tricked!”  We continued to convulse in laughter whilst the boys enjoy their respective afternoon drinks!

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